ValueJet 1948WX

The Mutoh ValueJet 1948WX is a transfer sublimation printer designed for print houses looking for the kind of performance that’s demanded in today’s fast turnaround environment.

With a top speed of 194m²/h, the VJ-1948WX boasts production print speeds of up to 125m²/h and 720x720dpi photographic quality prints for close viewing at 67 m²/h.

Using Mutoh genuine sublimation inks, the VJ-1948WX can be set up in a dual-CMYK configuration for speed; or 8-colour configuration, including 3 shades of black for smooth, neutral tones when needed.

Designed for sports apparel and soft signage, the printed transfer paper can be pressed to a range of sublimation-suitable fabrics.

The ValueJet 1948WX handles transfer paper rolls up to 100Kg with the optional motorised unwind/wind-up system.

Easily outclassing competitors, the VJ-1948WX achieves speeds around 60% faster than its rivals. 

Designed with advanced features that increase productivity and quality, the VJ-1948WX includes Mutoh’s Dropmaster Technology that reduces the need to continually do bidirectional alignments, as is the norm on other less capable machines; and Intelligent Interweave (I2) print technique that virtually eliminates banding.

  • Four variable dot print heads, each in a 2×2, staggered configuration

  • Mutoh genuine aqueous dye sublimation ink: 2 x CMYK or 8 Colour config

  • 30 Kg standard take-up

  • 100 Kg optional motorised unwind/wind-up system

  • Large 400mm deep heater dryer to accommodate the performance of this printer

  • Adjustable pressure rollers can be individually lifted to reduce wrinkling

  • Open RIP software architecture, supported by all major RIP brands

  • Top Speed 194m²/h

  • Speed Production – 2 Pass 360×720 dpi: 125 m²/h

  • Production – 3 Pass 360×1080 dpi: 88 m²/h

  • Quality Production – 4 Pass 720×720 dpi: 67 m²/h

  • High Quality – 6 Pass 360×1080 dpi: 47 m²/h

  • Fine – 12 Pass 720×1080 dpi: 23 m²/h


Print Method Drop-On Demand Piezo Drive Method
Print head configuration Four heads in staggered, 2×2 arrangement (180 nozzles x 8 rows each)
Ink Aqueous Dye Sublimation Transfer Ink
Colour Options 2 x CMYK | CMYK, Lc, Lm, Lk, LLk
Minimum droplet size 3.3 pl
Variable dot Yes
Print Modes 1440/1080/720/360 dpi
Head Height Low: 1.5mm | Medium: 2.5mm | High: 4.0m
Maximum Media Width 1910mm (75″)
Maximum Print Width 1900mm (74.8″)
Maximum Media Thickness 0.3, 1.3, 2.8 mm (according to head height)
Max Media Roll Weight 30 Kg or optional 100 Kg system
Media Roll Diameter/Core 150mm diameter on a 3″ (75mm) or 2″ (50mm) core
Printer Dimensions (W)2983 x (D)996 x (H)1261 mm
Printer Weight 201 kg
Operating Temperature 22-30°C with t: max. Δ2°C/h
Operating Humidity Range 40% – 60% (no condensation) with RH: max. Δ5% RH/h
Power Requirements 200-240V at 50Hz
Power Use During Printing, heaters off: <600W | During Printing, heaters on: <2840W
Warranty 1 Year
  • Sports jerseys and tunics

  • Training wear

  • Swimwear and triathlon apparel

  • Point-of-sale fabric displays

  • Backlit fabric panels

  • Large mural photographic panels such as Chromaluxe®

  • Soft signage and graphics for events, trade shows, sports grounds, flags and pennants

  • …and more

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